Henry Dembowski Endowment Fund

hd-of-the-hdef-web-versionMarblehead Little Theatre has created the Henry Dembowski Endowment Fund dedicated to the preservation of MLT’s Firehouse Theatre on School Street in Marblehead.

The endowment is named to honor long time MLT member, performer, producer and past President Henry Dembowski of Swampscott, after his more than 20 years of involvement with Marblehead Little Theatre.

Henry has been involved in MLT efforts for over 20 years, and was especially effective in organizing the $1.6 million restoration of the abandoned former Marblehead Central Firehouse into MLT’s home. He was President of MLT at a critical period when fund raising needed boosting, and to accomplish that he assembled a strong Board of Trustees that took on fund raising and the oversight of the renovation project. That freed up the Board of Directors – the driving force on the creative side – to concentrate on producing outstanding shows.

Henry has performed in and directed numerous MLT productions, helped to build sets, and provided strong, effective leadership while President, as documented in the photos below.

The endowment will primarily support significant Firehouse Theatre repair projects as well as the replacement of major systems as they approach the end of their useful life. Examples are the theater HVAC system, hot water boilers that provide heat to the building, and lighting and sound equipment. Revenues generated by MLT’s 10 to 12 annual productions and rental of the facility pay for normal operating expenses and routine building maintenance.


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