The facilities available for rental and the Marblehead Little Theatre Firehouse include a well equipped 87 seat Black Box Theater on the first floor and Classroom/Studio/Rehearsal space on the second floor.

The rates vary according to the space requested, times and days of the week and the status of the group or individual requesting the space.

Rental intro and rates v0717

The Black Box theater is equipped with audience seating on risers for up to 87 people and features a flexible pipe grid on the ceiling as well as a LCD projection system and retractable screen for A/V presentations or movies (subject to appropriate seating configuration). Please download the Firehouse Producers Handbook rev 1.4 for more complete information on the theater, renting the theater, its technical systems, policies and procedures.

A Firehouse Rental Request Form must be filled out and sent to MLT in order to rent at the Firehouse. Please review the Firehouse Rental Rules carefully before submitting the form.

Firehouse Rental Request Form v 072217

The MLT Calendar is available on line.

MLT will make the Theater available for live performances as a first priority. Other scheduled events (for example movies) can be pre-empted for live performances. However, MLT scheduled rehearsals and live performances will pre-empt outside events.

  1. MLT  Calendar
  2. Rental Brochure
  3. Firehouse Renta Request Form v 072217
  4. Rental intro and rates v0717
  5. MLT Facililty Use Handbook v3

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